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Wamda: Des artistes montent des businesses lors de Disrupt!/Media! Tunis

Après s’être attaqué aux storytelling puis aux jeux vidéos, Disrupt!/ a dédié sa troisième édition tunisienne au secteur audio, visuel et audiovisuel. 24 participants âgés de 17 à 41 ans sont venus des quatre coins du pays pour développer leurs idées.

« Nous avons eux des personnes de Siliana, Sfax, Kairouan, Nabeul et Djerba. Je suis vraiment fier de ça » explique Kevin Coyne, un des co-organisateurs de Wasabi. …Read more

Techcrunch: Tunisia Is Becoming MENA’s Next Startup Hub

Since the Arab Spring in 2011, Tunisia’s new democracy has struggled to enact prudent economic policy to provide employment and opportunity for its young, growing population.

Unemployment is currently at 15 percent, with one-third of jobless youth being university graduates. Inequality is steep, while inflation continues to plague investment. …Read more

Wamda: Why accelerators are flocking to Tunisia

Tunisia has an impressive number of entrepreneurship training and mentoring programs, despite its small size.

Still, as is often the case for  young entrepreneurial ecosystems, those programs occasionally lack professionalism and efficiency.

Five years after the political and cultural revolution that shook the country, foreign accelerators are opening premises, successful entrepreneurs are coming to the rescue and traditional players are updating their programs. … …Read more